Fish Tales

Fish tales-Masalaamantra

Masala Mantra has a dedicated part solely just for seafood lovers. Fish dishes from us are equally irresistible and mouth-watering just like the non-vegetarian options. You take a bite and instantly you want more. Fish Tales, the menu is brimming with an amazing list of curries, spicy tandoori, and fried goods, all ready to serve and devour.

Menu of Fish Tales

Let’s check out what’s in the pot for the day?  Read on to find what is best to order on your next visit to Masala Mantra.

Manchurian Fish 

Manchurian-Fish-Fish Tales

Let’s start our journey with Fish Tales with a great choice of appetizer which is Manchurian Fish. It is an appetizing Indo-Chinese combination and works well for parties. It is simple, delicious, and is a  bite-size fish dish, that we cook until it’s soft and tender in Manchurian gravy. You can order a drink on the side to wash that down. 

Kerala Fried Calamari

Kerala-Fried-Calamari-Fish tales

This is not anything like the regular Fried Calamari. Ours is not only crispy, golden-colored, crunchy goodness but also got a twist of flavors from Kerala and you probably would devour the full plate in about five minutes. It acts as a tempting appetizer and is serves best with hot Chai or coffee or with any drink, of your choice.

Malabar Fish Curry

Next on Fish tales is rich and creamy Malabar Fish Curry. The dish from our menu is a borrow from the Malabar region of Kerala. It is spicy fish curry, rich in coconut flavor, with the divine touch of traditional Indian spices. It is a great pair for hot rice. 

Fish Molly

Fish Molly is yet another superstar from Fish Tales among customers. It is famous for its mild flavor of curry in which half-fried fishes are left to rest in fresh coconut milk. It goes well as a good side for rice lunch.

Prawn Curry

Prawns Curry from Masala Mantra is an eyeopener people!  It’s a simple yet flavourful curry, we make out our way through the curry with fresh prawns, onion, tomatoes, coconut, and a dash of Indian spices. You can enjoy the curry with our wide range of flavored rice.

Tandoori Grilled Salamon

You don’t know what flavors you are missing if you have not tried Tandoori Grilled Salmon from us. We treat your bellies with this bold yet healthy option of grilled fish and uses authentic Tandoori marination spices, and seasoning to get you the best from our Indian grill restaurant. We bet this is your next favorite weekend dish to enjoy with family, friends, colleagues, etc. It serves best with rice and naan.

Tandoori Pompano with Naan

When it comes to Tandoori you can’t miss trying the juicy, meaty Pompano fish. We handpick fresh fish and cooks in a Tandoor oven after a marination blast with tandoori masala. However, the hot and spicy fish tandoori is irresistible and is perfect for a weekday lunch or a family date. We serve it with Naan and is equally perfect with steamed rice.

Tandoori Shrimp


This is a tandoor that you must try in your life before you die! Big, juicy, spicy prawns are marinated in special Tandoori masala and are cooked to perfection to excite your taste buds. Hot off the grill shrimps goes well with Chappati, Butter Naan, and rice of your choice. Don’t forget to squeeze in lemon before diving in!

Garlic Shrimp

Garlic-Shrimp--Fish tales

We are sure that the taste of our Garlic Shrimp lingers on your palate for the rest of your life. It’s simply delicious yet so fulfilling and bursting with flavors with a little bit of spicy kick in it. Also, it’s coated in a rustic, garlic buttery sauce. It goes perfectly with hot rice or freshly cooked Naan.

Why not come over to Masala Mantra to have a  taste by yourself or you can order Indian food online. Either way, the authentic Indian fish dishes are waiting for you!


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